2015 Garrett Horder and Charles A. Langlais trophies awarded

The Garrett Horder Trophy

The Garrett Horder Memorial Trophy

The 2015 Garrett Horder Trophy for most innovative juniors program was awarded to Huntington Beach Sailing Foundation, the youth foundation of Huntington Harbor Yacht Club, nominated by the Association of San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs. The Horder Trophy was presented to the Foundation at the PCYA Annual Meeting on January 16, 2016.

Charles A. Langlais Trophy

Charles A. Langlais Trophy

The 2015 winner of the Charles A. Langlais Trophy for exceptional service to the sport of yachting was awarded to Robert Ehlers, nominated by the San Diego Cruiser Association. The Langlais Trophy will be presented to Mr. Ehlers at the opening day of his club, San Diego Yacht Club, on April 17, 2016.

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