History of PCYA

The Pacific Coast Yachting Association was founded in 1923 by representatives of the Southern California Yachting Association and the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association at a meeting at the Bohemian Yacht Club in San Francisco. Subsequently, they were joined by the Pacific International Yacht Association from the Pacific Northwest.

The original idea was to coordinate the holding of Pacific Coast Championships and promote every phase of Yachting for the greatest good of the sport itself on the highest Corinthian plane. The original Associations and Member Clubs who were part of this effort were:

  • PIYA (Pacific International Yacht Assoc.)
  • PICYA (Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Assoc.)
  • SCYA (Southern California Yachting Assoc.)
  • Seattle Yacht Club
  • San Francisco Yacht Club
  • Santa Barbara Yacht Club
  • Queen City Yacht Club
  • Corinthian Yacht Club
  • California Yacht Club
  • Royal Victoria Yacht Club
  • Aeolian Yacht Club
  • Newport Harbor Yacht Club
  • Tacoma Yacht Club
  • Oakland Yacht Club
  • Los Angeles Yacht Club
  • Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
  • South Bay Yacht Club
  • San Diego Yacht Club
  • Portland Motor Boat
  • Vallejo Boat & Yacht Club

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