Mission Statement

PCYA Mission: Promoting yachting for the greatest good of the sport itself, in all its forms, across the entire Pacific Coast of North America and Hawaii.

Pacific Coast Yachting Association (PCYA), established in 1923, is composed of yachting and cruising associations from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, to San Diego, California. These associations are in turn comprised of hundreds of clubs representing thousands of competitive and recreational boaters.

The PCYA currently sponsors two annual regattas held at various locations along the Pacific Coast:

  • The Carr Trophy for sailing crews
  • The Barusch/Castagna for power-boat, predicted log

The PCYA also presents two annual awards:

  • The Charles Langlais Trophy for individual contribution to yachting
  • The Garrett Horder Memorial Trophy for outstanding performance and improvement in Junior Sailing programs

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