2016 Charles A. Langlais Trophy Winner – Dr. Vern Bendsen

Vern is a first-generation Dane. Both his parents are from the old country. He grew up in East Chicago. He joined the Marines at age 17 and served 7 years. He served in 4 of the 5 major battles in Korea during the Korean War. After getting out of the Marines Vern put himself through college eventually earning his doctorate in education and becoming Dr. Vern Bendsen.  

He has served as Commodore of the Solano Yacht Club in 2006, the Ben Ali Shrine Yacht Club in 1998 and the PICYA in 2004. He has dedicated his time to supporting the PICYA’s many programs including the PICYA Wheelchair Regatta for 17 years and ‘Make-A-Wish’ fundraisers from 1995 to 2010.  He has also been instrumental as chair of the … (more)

2017 Barusch / Castagna, September 27-30, Silver Gate Yacht Club

The event will be held at Silver Gate Yacht Club located on Shelter Island.  The event is scheduled to take place from 27-30 September. The actual regatta will take place on San Diego Bay and on the near shore waters off the coast of Point Loma on September 30th.

The trophy for the winning contestant is the Harry Barusch Perpetual Trophy (left). The trophy for the winning team of two or three association contestants is the Joseph Castagna Perpetual Trophy (Right).  “Keeper” trophies will be awarded.

This annual predicted log contest pits two contestants from each active Pacific Coast Cruiser Navigation association plus the winner of the 2016 Barusch Castagna Cruiser Navigation Contest against each other.

A call for contestants will be coming out soon.  Active associations are :


Jesse L. Carr Regatta 2016


PCYA Vice Commodore Terry Van Winkle and PCYA Rear Commodore Winston Bumpus presenting Shawn Bennett and Crew the Carr Trophy

The Carr Regatta was held this year in conjunction with the J/70 World that were held at the St Francis Yacht Club on the San Francisco Bay on September 24th thru October 1st. Neatly 70 boats assembled on the Berkeley Circle for the competition.  The PCYA was very pleased to be a part of this world class regatta.

The purpose of this Jesse L. Carr Trophy is to award the crew as well as the captain for their performance.

This year’s winner was Shawn Bennett and crew of the St. Francis Yacht Club. This team also won first place for the overall Corinthian Division as well. Congratulations … (more)