Call For Nominations 2018 Charles A. Langlais Trophy

Charles A. Langlais first won this trophy in 1926 sailing the R Boat, Lady Gay in the 1926 Championship Regatta of the Pacific Coast Yachting Association. PCYA Staff Commodore Langlais rededicated it in 1976 to be awarded once in any calendar year to an individual for “exceptional, outstanding and meritorious service to the sport of yachting”.

This prestigious trophy represents a unique opportunity to honor one of your deserving members for dedicated service to your organization and to the sport of yachting in general. The Trophy consists of a sterling silver loving cup mounted on a teak base bearing plaque for the names of the several recipients. It will be displayed at the Yacht Club of the recipient during the year following the award. An appropriate take-home trophy will be provided for the individual honored by this award.

The Deed of Gift describing the judging criteria for this award is included for your information. This notice and other information can be found on our website at

Deadline for entries to be received by PCYA is November 1, 2018. Submissions are limited to ten pages, including any cover letter. Pages beyond ten will not be reviewed or considered. Clubs must send submissions to their parent associations who are members of PCYA. (See These parent organizations each will review, edit, and approve the most suitable entry from their association. Each parent association may select and forward one entry to PCYA. The presentation will be made at PCYA’s Annual Meeting in January 2019.

Please send your Association’s submission in PDF or Word format (no hard copy) to:

Vice Commodore Jamie Clark

Questions regarding this Trophy may be addressed to Vice Commodore Clark at the above email.

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