2018 Garrett Horder Memorial Trophy Winner – Westlake Yacht Club


Westlake Yacht Club receives the Garrett Horder Memorial Trophy at the Del Rey Yacht Club – January 6, 2019


The Pacific Coast Yachting Association has chosen the Westlake Yacht Club as the 2018 recipient of the PCYA Garret Horder Memorial Trophy.

There were many excellent submissions this year, but our Horder Committee felt that Westlake Yacht Club’s program stood out as having made outstanding progress due to the amazing support and generosity of their members. Their innovative “Summer Sailing Academy ” began its rebirth three years ago after a period of decline. Their plan was to by a new fleet of boats over a period of years. However, when they announced their plans to the members of Westlake Yacht Club, the members came forward and donated the money for them to buy all 15 boats in one year.   Over that three year period they have trained hundreds of children in the art of sailing and safely enjoying water sports.

Congratulations to Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA)  and the Westlake Yacht Club.

Rio Wins Pac52 Cup and 2018 Carr Regatta

Team Rio receiving honors from, Ken Glidewell, Rear Commodore, St. Francis Yacht Club and Winston Bumpus, Commodore PCYA

Among the many trophies offered in yachting competition, only a few recognize the indispensable values and virtues of the championship crew, while at the same time recognizing the organizational ability and talent of the captain. It is the purpose of this Trophy to recognize the essential team relationship between captain and crew.

This year was the 60th year it has been awarded and the names on this trophy is like a Who’s Who of west coast racers. It was held in conjunction with the Pac52 Cup hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club on September 30, 2018. It was one by Team Rio who was representing the St. Francis Yacht Club.

For the list of winners and more information click here.

Call For Nominations 2018 Charles A. Langlais Trophy

Charles A. Langlais first won this trophy in 1926 sailing the R Boat, Lady Gay in the 1926 Championship Regatta of the Pacific Coast Yachting Association. PCYA Staff Commodore Langlais rededicated it in 1976 to be awarded once in any calendar year to an individual for “exceptional, outstanding and meritorious service to the sport of yachting”.

This prestigious trophy represents a unique opportunity to honor one of your deserving members for dedicated service to your organization and to the sport of yachting in general. The Trophy consists of a sterling silver loving cup mounted on a teak base bearing plaque for the names of the several recipients. It will be displayed at the Yacht Club of the recipient during the year following the award. An appropriate take-home trophy will be provided for the individual honored by this award.

The Deed of Gift describing the judging criteria for this award is … (more)

Horder 2018 Call for Nominations

The Pacific Coast Yachting Association, with the approval and encouragement of the Horder family, will recognize an outstanding youth sailing program for 2017. The trophy is awarded annually to the PCYA member organization whose submission detailing a member club’s youth boating program is determined by a PCYA committee to be the most deserving.

The trophy, a famous Currier and Ives print of the sail/steam vessel “San Francisco”, is over one hundred years old and occupies a prominent mantel location at St. Francis Yacht Club. The original trophy will remain at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Each year an engraved plaque inscribed with the name of the honored program is added to the list of awardees. A “take home” copy of the trophy will be presented to the winning PCYA organization.

Click on the following link to read the Horder 2018 Request for Nominees.

To learn more about the Garrett … (more)

Date for 2019 Barusch / Castagna Predicted Navigation Announced

Please mark your calendar for the 2019 Barusch / Castagna Predicted Navigation. It has been agreed to have it in the Pacific Northwest. Current plan is to host it in Poulsbo, Washington May 13-16, 2019. More information coming soon.

This event challenges the serious power-boater’s navigation skills in a competitive but friendly environment. Participants discover just how well they know their boat’s performance characteristics at various speeds and how well they can predict the time it will take to travel each leg of a course in a variety of marine conditions.

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