2014 Carr Trophy Results

Jesse L. Carr Trophy

PCYA’s Jessie L. Carr Perpetual Captain and Crew Trophy was awarded for 2014 to the skipper and crew of Zephyr, a J-109 one-design boat, for their performance in this year’s Santa Barbara to King Harbor race. The winning skipper, Jack Mayer, and his crew were very honored and excited about receiving the Carr Trophy, which will be displayed at Del Rey Yacht Club.

Zephyr’s crew included (in alphabetical order):

  • Peter Arpesella (main and spinnaker trimmer)
  • Gregory Ball (utility/spinnaker trimmer)
  • Anil Bamezai (tactician/ trimmer/alternate helm)
  • Skip Korsgaard (bow)
  • Michael Martinez (mast)
  • Jack Mayer (skipper/helm)
  • Al Noel Sansolis (pit)
  • Joseph Vaughan (main trimmer)


2014 Barusch-Castagna Results

barusch_trophyThe 2014 Barusch-Castagna Predicted Log Regatta took place the weekend of June 20-23, 2014, at Elliott Bay Marina in Seattle and was co-sponsored by PCYA and the International Power Boaters Association of Seattle.  Edward Denaci, with navigator David Weimer, won the championship trophy aboard the powerboat, “Redemption.” Representing the San Diego Cruisers Association, skipper Denaci along with skipper Robert Ehlers and navigator Denis Sempsrott won the Castagna Team Trophy.  The team of Bob Lindal and Jeff Ewell of the IPBA were a close second. (Click on photos below to open new window/tab with full size photo.)

The powerboats are “loaned” to the contestants during the three day event and there is a “draw” on Thursday evening to see which boat they will use. On Friday, the contestant takes the boat out to determine speeds and how it handles. On Saturday, the contestant submits his or … (more)

Rare footage of 1939 tropical cyclone

1939_California_stormWe usually don’t think of southern California as prone to hurricanes or cyclones, but in late September 1939, following a heat wave of several days, a tropical cyclone moving up the Mexican coast made landfall in southern California, dumping over five inches of rain on Los Angeles and producing Force 11 gale winds. According to a NWS report:

The flooding killed 45 in Southern California, although some of these may be attributable to the rain immediately before the tropical storm. At sea, 48 were killed.

After a brief overview of the heat and approaching storm, you will see 16mm footage filmed from the east jetty of the Newport Harbor entrance and preserved by Al Adams for over fifty years. The footage begins at about 3:00 and you will see various vessels desperately attempting to reach the safety of the harbor. Here is … (more)