Inclusive Sailing Award


The  Board of Directors of Pacific Coast Yachting Association (PCYA) has added an additional and new regatta to its annual set of trophies.  The PCYA was founded on 1923 by representatives of the Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) and the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA) with the idea to coordinate the holding of Pacific Coast Championships and promote every phase of yachting for the greatest good of the sport itself on the highest Corinthian plane.

The PCYA has created a new perpetual trophy to create a Pacific Coast championship for the growing class of inclusive sailing regattas to be awarded each year to be called the Pacific Coast Yachting Association Inclusive Sailing Award for Racing and Participation  

Contestants shall be boats in an Inclusive Sailing Fleet, skippered by a person defined disabled by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The boats shall satisfy the requirements for racing and the Regatta shall follow the current United States Sailing the Racing Rules of Sailing. 

The trophy shall be awarded on the basis of participation and scoring in an Inclusive Sailing Regatta once per year. An effort will be made to rotate the Regatta’s that are scheduled and run by the Yacht Clubs and Members of PCYA.  The perpetual Trophy’s Base shall be engraved and presented to the Host Club at the event. The holder of the Trophy shall return it to Pacific Coast Yachting Association prior to the Annual (PCYA) Installation meeting. Additionally, the Pacific Coast Yachting Association shall engrave the Trophy’s Base with the winners name and present the winner with a keeper plaque at the Annual Installation and Awards Meeting.

We envision these regattas and trophy in recognizing and encouraging talents of those who sail and are thriving as a result of inclusive sailing.

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