The 2017 the Barusch / Castagna Cruiser Navigation Contest Results

The shore-side activities were held at Silver Gate Yacht Club located on Shelter Island.  The Welcome and Boat Drawing were held on September 27th.  The contest took place on San Diego Bay and on the near shore waters off the coast of Point Loma on September 30th. The Awards Banquet was held that evening.

1st Place – Garry Adalian (CCYC, SDCA), Ed Denaci Commodore SDCA, Greg Barnett Commodore SGYC

Terry VanWinkle Commodore PCYA, Ed Denaci Commodore SDCA, Greg Barnett Commodore SGYC, 2nd Place –  Bob Ehlers (SDYC, SDCA)

Terry VanWinkle Commdore PCYA, Ed Denaci Commodore SDCA, Greg Barnett Commodore SGYC, 3rd Place  – Bob Lindal (QCYC, IPBA-N)

The 2017 results are listed below:

Position      Contestant            Club            Assciation   Seconds error       Percent error

Winner        Garry Adalian      CCYC         SDCA         99                         0.6904

2                 Bob Ehlers           SDYC         SDCA         149                       1.0063

3                 Bob Lindal           QCYC        IPBA-N      206                       1.42

4                 Ed Kutchma         VYC           SBCCA      279                       1.9308

Coronado Cays Yacht Club, San Diego Yacht Club, Queen City Yacht Club, Ventura Yacht Club

San Diego Cruiser Associaton, International Power Boat Association, Santa Barbara Channel Cruiser Association

The winner of the 2016 Barusch / Castagna was Bob Lindal of IPBA-N.

Special thanks go to:

Pacific Coast Yachting Association for sponsoring the event.

Silver Gate Yacht Club for hosting the event.

San Diego Cruiser Association for providing the boats and crews.

San Diego Observer Association for providing observers and scrutinizers.

Southwestern Yacht Club for providing slips and facilities.

Consummate Catering for serving delicious Hors d’oeuvres and a marvelous banquet.

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